About Us

Family Dentistry of South Florida offers a variety of dental procedures for Adults, Seniors and Children. Specializing in Implants at very affordable prices! At Family Dentistry of South Florida, you will find all the dental care you need from preventive to cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry to endodontics and periodontal therapy to oral surgery.

Visit one of our many locations today! Hablamos Español, Falamos Portugues, Nou Pale Kreyol.

Family Dentistry of South Florida offers a wide range of dental services including the following:
* Root Canal * Inlays & Onlays * Bridges * Snore Prevention * Periodontics
* Bonding * Orthodontics * Dentures * Children's Dentistry * Clear Correct
* Teeth Whitening * Endodontics * Implants * Crowns * Invisalign
* Dental Hygiene * Veneers